Manage your Twitter/X interactions with customers, directly from Chat Breezes

Twitter is a powerful direct line to your customers. Share product announcements, interesting content, and service updates – and listen to feedback from your customers in real time. Chat Breezes' Twitter integration allows you to send and receive comments on tweets, and manage retweets and quote tweet.

  • Handling Inbound Conversations: Monitor new interactions, send them to the right agent or department using our seamless Twitter integration.
  • Respond to Tweets: Respond to interactions timely, send product links, and manage contact information, all within the Chat Breezes platform.
  • Conversation Supervision and Reporting: Analyze the performance of your agents, have total visibility over their conversations, and step in at any time.
  • Business Process Implementation: Make Twitter work for your business and not the other way around, thanks to our powerful Twitter integration.
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