Connect a WhatsApp Number through WhatsApp Web to Manage WhatsApp Messages from Chat Breezes and Handle Them as a Team

Millions of businesses around the world use WhatsApp for quick customer communication. But without an easy way to share these messages between teammates, most businesses juggle multiple devices to try to keep up — or don’t offer WhatsApp support at all.

With Chat Breezes, you can integrate WhatsApp Web seamlessly into your customer communication workflow. Our WhatsApp Web integration in website allows you to receive and reply to WhatsApp messages alongside all your other customer conversations.

  • Handling Inbound Conversations: Welcome customers, let them know if you’re away, or send them to the right agent or department using our seamless WhatsApp Web integration in website.
  • Responding to Chats: Transfer customers, review their order history, send product links, manage their contact information, all within the Chat Breezes platform.
  • Conversation Supervision and Reporting: Analyze the performance of your agents, have total visibility over their conversations, and step in at any time.
  • WhatsApp Marketing: Respond to ad campaigns, nurture your leads, send abandoned cart messages and newsletters, and upsell additional services.
  • Marketing Analytics: Determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and decide how to improve them.
  • Transactional Notifications: Send appointment reminders, payment receipts, and delivery updates to your customers.
  • Business Process Implementation: Make WhatsApp work for your business and not the other way around, thanks to our powerful WhatsApp Web integration in website.

Additional Features:

  • No Additional Charge by WhatsApp: Enjoy all the benefits without extra fees.
  • Works for WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Personal: Whether you're using a business or personal account, our integration has you covered.
  • Connect via QR Code: Simply scan a QR code on your mobile app to connect your WhatsApp to Chat Breezes.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of managing your WhatsApp messages directly from Chat Breezes with our WhatsApp Web integration in website.

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